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Zhengzhou Xingyang becomes Chinese Construction Town

  • By xinyuadmin3
  • 2010-02-28
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Recently, Zhengzhou Xingyang city received China Construction Industry Association replies from the Government, which was officially named "Hometown of Chinese construction machinery."

In response, the China Construction Industry Association, confirmed the construction machinery on the Zhenzhou important role in economic and social development, said: First Zhenzhou construction machinery manufacturing industry has a long history of development. From 1980s on, Zhengzhou Xingyang has had more than 30 years of history, and gradually developed into the special industries here. Secondly, the rapid development of construction machinery has form a certain scale of the industry, the city's small construction machinery manufacturing enterprises to achieve 524 units, the annual output value of close to 30 million CNY, profits of nearly 300 million CNY, on the Zhengzhou Xingyang played a major role in economic development. Thirdly, it has a good market prospect. Fourthly, it conducives to the establishment of a harmonious society. Fifthly, it is a more scientific development plan. Henan Zhengzhou Xingyang agreed named as " Hometown of Chinese construction machinery."       

Finally after the reply by the government, the China Construction Industry Association hope Zhengzhou Xingyang can hold the title of " Hometown of Chinese construction machinery ", make persistent efforts, we should make efforts in product quality, increase the technological content of products, made of first-class products; Secondly, we must strive to build brand, establish the industry as a whole city Brand; and they must focus on the development scale enterprises to realize intensive management, intensive development. For the city, even for our Henan province, make the title and honor more literally and gradually, be well know in the whole China, even the whole world!

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