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Proposal to April 14th Qinghai Earthquake

  • By xinyuadmin3
  • 2010-04-16
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To all staff working in Henan Xinyu Mechanical Installation Co., Ltd:

At 7:49 on the April 14, Yushu town, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province (33.1 degrees north latitude, 96.7 degrees east longitude) occurred 7.1-magnitude earthquake, focal depth 33 km. Closing at 18:00 on the on the 14th, hit a total of aftershocks were recorded 606 times, 4 times of which more than 4.0. According to the report of Yushu in Qinghai earthquake headquarters, closing at 2 o'clock on the 15th, on the 14th morning magnitude 7.1 earthquake has caused 589 deaths and 8,000 injured, 15,000 houses collapsed, there are 100,000 victims in need relocated.

To help overcome the disaster of our compatriots, Henan Xinyu Mechanical Installation Co., Ltd. has appealed to employees to actively participate in disaster donor activities.

Although our strength is not so strong that can save lives of one state, or one town, or even one village people, we have to try our best to do something for our compatriot. At this disaster they lose their house or family, let’s open our arms, give our limited power, the power which can save lives.

Meanwhile, corporation management decide to contribute construction equipment to Yushu area for disaster relief and reconstruction. China Charity Fund Association will help us operate our contributions and machines working.

Finally, we appeal all of the construction companies to support our government strategy, help the disaster people go out from damaged zone and rebuild their home timely.

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